Friday, April 13, 2012

Sunday Fun

So pretty much every week I am so proud to be all dressed up with my honey, I always love how we match!  I feel like I'm *steppin' out, with mah baby*.   Here are some fun Sundays we have had.  Enjoy!
President's Day!!!  Love the bowtie. 
Two days before Valentines day!  Sam is wearing the bowtie I gave him last year with white polka hearts; I am wearing the sequined shirt and skirt I wore when I went to church with him in Provo for the first time. 
Haha.  I think we ask Skyler to take a picture of us almost every Sunday. 
Practicing on my new keyboard on a lovely Sunday evening.  Valentines week I think- because of the pink. :)
Here we are in Colorado the weekend of the Rodeo.  It was so awesome!  
Our first time going to church together as a married couple. :)  We love our new ward!

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