Friday, April 27, 2012

Temple Night

Sam and I at the Provo Temple.  Such a great feeling.  

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Buzzing Sam's Hair

Sam wanted a haircut, so we got out all of our supplies...
Yup, we decided to shave it all off!  Here comes the razorrr!
Sam gets scared of me sometimes.  And rightfully so.  I made stripes... ;)

Friday, April 13, 2012

Sunday Fun

So pretty much every week I am so proud to be all dressed up with my honey, I always love how we match!  I feel like I'm *steppin' out, with mah baby*.   Here are some fun Sundays we have had.  Enjoy!
President's Day!!!  Love the bowtie. 
Two days before Valentines day!  Sam is wearing the bowtie I gave him last year with white polka hearts; I am wearing the sequined shirt and skirt I wore when I went to church with him in Provo for the first time. 
Haha.  I think we ask Skyler to take a picture of us almost every Sunday. 
Practicing on my new keyboard on a lovely Sunday evening.  Valentines week I think- because of the pink. :)
Here we are in Colorado the weekend of the Rodeo.  It was so awesome!  
Our first time going to church together as a married couple. :)  We love our new ward!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Apartment pics and Recital Bouquet

Poster and flowers from my recital.  Sam and I in our wedding picture. :)
The beautiful bouquet that Sam made for me at my Senior Recital.  I loved it!  And it was huge.  A real Diva bouquet.
Our cute apartment in Provo!  I was so proud of my kitchen, I really loved it.  Perfect size, and lots of counter space!  Could have stayed there forever, especially if it wasn't in Provo, haha.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Chemical Engineering Senior Banquet

Me and Anne Wright at the Banquet.  I am going to miss her, she was so sweet.  The evening consisted of a slide show, hilarious videos, and catering from Tucanos!
They were giving out prizes for best plant design for Sam's class, and he won first place!  His group,  Tiger Spice, tied for first, earning a total prize of $300.  I was so proud! 

What a fun night!  Can't believe we are graduating! :)
Again, we are matching with the pale green shirts.  I liked my outfit a lot.  

Friday, April 6, 2012

Senior Recital Reception

Outside of the Madsen Recital Hall at BYU with my sister Meggie after my Senior Recital.  
My wonderful in-laws flew in for the event.  :)
Me and my sweetheart, who supported me all the way.  He even knows all my songs.  It's true. 
What would I ever do without him?  Sam and me.  :)
***At this point I would like everyone to notice the beautiful Diva Bouquet Sam made for me.  It was HUGE!  And stunningly beautiful.  Diva diva! :)***
Friends from our singles ward last year: Dan, Emily, Hilary, and Pono, and Kerry my math teacher and her husband.  Thanks guys!
Family and cousins who came to support.  Love you all!
The Chemical Engineering Department! :)
Grandpa Ike and Grandma Carrol.  So sweet that they came!
My opera friend Becca.  Love this girl, she is awesome!
There was an awesome reception, thanks to everyone who helped, brought treats, etc. :)
My brother Harrison was able to fly from Hawaii to make it to my recital.  That was awesome of him.  
So relieved it's over!  Haha... on to the next adventure! ;)

Senior Recital Videos

Le Printemps

by Reynaldo Hahn


by Camille Saint-Saens

Oh, quand je dors

by Franz Liszt

Wie sollten wir geheim
and Die Nacht

by Richard Strauss

Heimliche Aufforderung

by Richard Strauss

Ah! non credea mirarti...Ah, non giunge

from La Sonnambula
by Vincenzo Bellini

Let the Bright Seraphim

from Samson
by George Frideric Handel
Spencer Wallin, Trumpet

I. Manners at a Concert
II. Manners at a Ballet
III. Envoi

Selections from Miss Manners on Music
by Dominic Argento

Batti, batti

from Don Giovanni
by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Tu che di gel sei cinta

from Turandot
by Giacomo Puccini

Unexpected song

from Song and Dance
by Andrew Lloyd Webber