Saturday, October 8, 2011

Engaged!! :)

Sam and I on the way to dinner!  Sam took me to dinner and then to the opera.  I am excited for the evening and having a great time already!

Sam sent me a surprise schedule on my Google Calendar:  Afternoon- Tori get ready for date with Sam.  4:15- leave for dinner.  It was so sweet and I utilized my time and felt beautiful.  Sam even matched me with his cute bowtie. :)
We listened to Sinatra in the car the whole way and Sam sang along.  Such a fun date already. :)

We went to dinner at Cucina Toscana in Salt Lake.  It was beyond delicious.  I was excited that we were going to a nice place but I still had no idea what was happening!

                             I was loving dinner it was so delicious!  After our main course, Sam and I talked about how happy we were and how we always wanted to be together.  Then Sam was standing up and getting the ring out of his pocket!  I started to cry and laugh at the same time as he knelt down on one knee by my side.  Needless to say..  I said yes!!
This is the first picture of us after we got engaged!  Sooooo happy. :)  And we had some amazing gelato. ;)
We saw Beethoven's Fidelio at Utah Opera and it was wonderful.  I was already so excited to see one opera, but then when we arrived, Sam surprised me with...Season tickets for the Utah Opera!!  I cannot wait to see all of them with my sweetheart. :) Many more opera dates to come!

We got back and shared the good news with some of our friends!  Sam's roommate Dan took these pictures for us. :)

Photos taken by Dan Carson

It was the perfect evening.  I have never been happier and now I am engaged to Samuel Ivan Olson!  He is so wonderful.