Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Happiest day of my life, or, Our Wedding :)


Sam waits for me as I change for our Bridals and Couples shots.  I snuck up behind him (as per the photographers request) and it was so wonderful to see each other!  We looked great. 


 Getting some of those bride cameos.

 I absolutely loved my bouquet, the shoes, and Sam's shoes!  Everything went together so well.

 The Mesa, Arizona temple where we were married for time and all of eternity.







 Exiting the Temple!

The whole gang. :)


 I loved my dress!  Taking pictures was fun too, Jamie did a wonderful job.



  Our reception was truly breathtaking!  There was good food and a delicious chocolate bar.  A special thanks to my                               wonderful parents for hosting what was a                                         truly spectacular event!

 Pound it Carter!

My new niece Olivia and nephews Carter and Abe. They were all dressed up and looked adorable!

Our cake was beautiful too.  Red velvet inside, mmmm. :)

Off to our honeymoon!  Love you forever, my sweetheart.

Photos by the wonderful Jamie Kontak Harper, hair and makeup by the amazing Sophie Terry and Maddie Fitch! Thank you all so much!