Friday, November 25, 2011

Bridal Shower!

My Bridal Shower was so fun!  All the girls from my Neil side were in town for Thanksgiving, and so we had it at 1pm on Black Friday.  My Aunt Alexis was a wonderful hostess and we all gathered at her home.  Here I am with my sister Meggie!  It was such a fun girly time. :)

From left to right: cousin Carlee, sister AnnMarie, me, my mom, and cousin Makenzie.
The cake was absolutely delicious and topped with my favorite--Snickers bars!

We love making waffles on Sunday mornings.  From my Grandma. :)  There is a tradition among my sisters and I to make a silly hat for the bride.  Here I am in the one they made for me. :)

My sweet cousin Michelle was there, too.  It was such a treat to have us all gathered together, especially without the men, haha.  I don't remember that ever happening before!

Below I am with my Aunt Alexis and Aunt Janelle, and cousin Emily in the next picture.  They are so wonderful. :)
It was such a fun day, presents, cake, food and family!!!  Love you all :)))

Friday, November 11, 2011

Engagement Pictures!

Engagement Photo Session with Amy Olson!!!  It was so wonderful and FUN I loved it.  Amy was awesome and had so many ideas for poses and was very professional and fun to work with.  Matching outfits everybody! Enjoy. :)
This is the one we used for announcements.  Love it. 

Ohhh la la

I love those heels.  Very fun.  (Not so easy on rocks, etc, however haha.)

 One of my very very favorites. :))))

Only 16 days until Sam and I are married! :)