Saturday, March 17, 2012

Carlee Hill's Bridal Shower

My cousin Carlee's bridal shower!  Here she is in the Neil tradition hat with her sister Makenzie.  Don't ask me why these are the only pics I took- all I have to say is that capturing the bonnet moment is super classic.  Haha.  Love you Carlee!  So happy for you. :)

Friday, March 16, 2012

Utah Opera - The Elixir of Love

Sam and I going to Donizetti's Elisir D'amore- The Elixir of Love at Utah Opera!  It was fantastic.  We laughed the whole time they really worked the comedy- so clever!
We might have forgotten our tickets at home.  After we went back to get them we opted for a faster dinner option....
JCW's!  It was so fun, and we were all dressed up haha.
Sam and I at dinner.  ;)
Can dis drink?
Haha! Gotcha
Chillin GQ style.
On our way!  It was so much fun, the singers were really good but it was also very well staged and funny.  Bravo Utah Opera!  What a fun date night.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ski Idaho

We visited Mark and Maddie in March- it was awesome!  Love those guys.
Here we are going on our ski adventure!  

Outfitted in my new ski gear! You know you love it.  

Skiing was so much fun, especially with my sweetheart! Love you Sam.   
 I had never been night skiing before- it was really dark and cool.
 Here's Maddie rockin the skis!