Saturday, June 16, 2012


Driving up to the Muddy.  
The forest service built a new bridge!  It is much easier to get across the creek now. 
When we came into the meadow, there were 30-40 Elk grazing!  It was so cool, I had never seen so many at one time before.  
My hair is finally long enough to do a French Braid!  I was pretty happy about that.  
Livie loved exploring on her little 4-wheeler.  
Sam and I got swings at Target for a surprise.  He secured them the this slat of wood on the roof.  

Sam and I going for our first ride. :)
Playing with Livie in the rocks.  Soo cute.  :)

Getting up on the horsies!

We had a cozy bed up in the loft I loved it!  The toughest part was trusting the ladder all the way up, haha. 
We were up at the Muddy for Sam's birthday on June 16th!  Sam organizes birthday skittles.  
Eating the delicious chocolate cake Mel made. :) Mmm
There was a huge log in our way!  Sam sawed through the whole thing.  
Making sure the work gets done.  Looking good, honey!
Whew!  Nice work! ;)
Climbing on the tractors down by the cabin.  
Making a wish and blowing on the dandelion!
Skyler taking great care of his little nephews. 
Sam and Steve working on the water system.  

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